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What makes a well dressed woman?

We all know a woman who is effortlessly well dressed, a woman who looks elegant and polished without appearing to try too hard. This is exactly the desired effect but unless you are a supermodel with an army of stylists at your disposal it does not come without some considerable (but well worth it) work.

Looking around, what makes one woman appear a picture of elegance while another, (spending the same money and able to make the same choices) by contrast is wearing a haphazard mix of prints, styles and ill fitting clothes? It’s all about finding your own signature style then only wearing clothes which look really good on you, which fit impeccably, are flattering and relatively understated. French women seem to have dressing, down to a fine art. Not big on impulse shopping they buy selectively, and always with their existing wardrobe in mind. Ideally your wardrobe should be arranged by season and colour, so you can see immediately what you have and then can easily mix and match.

If, for example you don’t like your upper arms, then don’t show them! Wear something which covers them and it will show in your confidence and attitude. Elegant women know this and with their well organised wardrobes carrying only clothes which they are confident wearing, means that therefore they can only look their best at all times.In conclusion, be brutally honest with yourself, spend more on less, buying the best quality clothes and accessories you can, pay special attention to how your clothes fit and hang, play to your good points while disguising the not so good and last but not least – dress age appropriately – if the days of wearing a mini skirt have gone- then let it go. Have a clear out and take the chance to edit your wardrobe, donating clothes past their sell by date to the nearest charity shop. Let your new elegance shine – you know it makes sense.

An elegant overall look applies to your make up as well, and a little goes a long way. You should be aiming for a polished and well groomed look and a little primer mixed with a light foundation should give you the right effect. Subtly defined eyes and a natural healthy glow on the cheeks are what’s required – you could try Nars blusher in Orgasm, I’ve just recently found it again after too long a break and I wonder why on earth I left it. Finish off with groomed eyebrows and a natural lip. Lovely!


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