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The Beginning of the Gardening Year

The Beginning of the Gardening Year

With the arrival of spring, the garden is beginning to stir quite seriously and if the weather is not too bad, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get down to some serious work preparing the garden for a glorious summer.

The Beginning of the Gardening Year

To start with you’ll need to do some tidying up. Get rid of all the dead stuff left over from last winter. Make sure you rake out under hedges and shrubs, that’s where a great many nasties will have over-wintered and the last thing you want is for them to wake up ravenously ready to attack your precious plants.

Put all the burnable rubbish on the bonfire and put the rest in your brown bin now garden collections have recommenced. When the ashes are cool, spread them over the empty beds, it’s great for the soil.

The lawn will need its first mowing of the year. Set the blades to cut no shorter than two inches. You should not cut too short yet. Give the grass time to gather nutrients and strength. After winter lawns will need aerating. You can buy (or hire) a wheeled tool for this or you can simply walk over the ground piercing the surface periodically with the tines of a garden fork. Leave it to aerate for a week then apply some spring fertilizer mixed with equal parts of sharp sand.

When spring flowering bulbs have finished flowering take off the dead heads to prevent seeds being formed but leave the greenery to die back naturally and don’t tie the long leaves in knots. This way the bulbs will gather all the nutrients they need to grow bigger and better for next year and form the new bulbs that will increase your stock and make your spring display more beautiful than ever.

Check over shrubs and trees. Take care to remove dead wood and branches broken by the wind. Cut them through cleanly.

Once all the ‘housekeeping’ chores have been done, why not take a trip to your local garden centre. We are fortunate in having one of the best garden centres in Scotland on our doorstep – Cardwell Garden Centre at Lunderston Bay. They not only have everything you could possibly need for the garden but a walk around the centre will inspire you with ideas and plans for your own garden. There may be plants you might like to add to your garden. There will be seeds. There will certainly be tools and no-one can have too many of them.

You could also consider a patio. It looks good, provides a pleasant place to sit on warm summer days and evenings and can help extend your home into the garden. A barbecue area attached to the patio would provide the perfect place for entertaining in the garden or just for happy outdoor family meals.

It is well worth remembering that, with house prices being what they are today, your garden represents a considerable part of your investment. Don’t neglect it. Make it work for you and your family. This spring, a little planning, imagination and work will make it do just that.

Remember you can find everything you neded for the garden and more at the award winning Cardwell Garden Centre –