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Summer – time for easy living

Come Gather in our gardenOne of the best features of life in the West of Scotland is free. It’s the unique quality of the light in all its colour-changing, dappling intensity. Our long summer evenings are the best time to drink them in.


Treat your garden like another room in your house, using sheltering walls and pillowy seats to form a personal space where you can work, relax and entertain.

As well as eye-catching colours, surround yourself with aromatics reminiscent of holidays: creeping honeysuckle, brilliant buddleia and night-scented phlox.

Fill pretty terracotta pots with edible nasturtiums, and nurture mint in a handy hanging basket, ready to be plucked and dropped into long iced drinks.

Thoughtful garden access, such as sliding glass doors, blurs the line between indoors and out. Such flowing space can be seductive, encouraging party guests to drift outside.

With outdoor furnishings visible from within, it makes sense to dress garden rooms in similar styles to interiors. The garden is then visually drawn inside, shaping interior rooms and highlighting natural motifs and sunny colour schemes.

lighted parasol image

There’s a magic to dining under the stars. As the long summer days melt into balmy nights, dine outdoors under your private starry dome of twinkling lights. Hanging a set of miniature glass lanterns from your patio umbrella creates the effect of an enchanting chandelier.

By Moira McWhirter of Sterling Construction