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It all adds up for Rosalind Woollard

Local accountancy firm will make the times less taxing. Accountancy is all about good housekeeping.


Rosalind picThat is Rosalind Woollard’s philosophy – and it is one which has gained her Skelmorlie-based practice a growing number of clients.

RA Woollard Chartered Accountant’s clientele includes local tradesmen and women and a range of family-owned businesses.

Rosalind said: “What we offer is accountancy with a personal and friendly face.

“We handle all aspects of accounting from book-keeping and payroll, through VAT and quarterly accounts to preparing annual returns.

“Many companies and individuals dread the latter – but I believe in making a virtue out of necessity.

“Our aim is to shine a light into what many regard as the black cloud of taxation.”

Rosalind takes the view that preparing annual returns presents an opportunity for spring cleaning a business.

She believes it is the ideal occasion to review financial systems – from costs and overheads to general business efficiency.

Rosalind said: “Returns have to be done – there is no escape – so we try to use this as a time to take a fresh look at the business habits an individual or company has developed.

“Accounts and taxation rely on strict policies and procedures – but we take the view that our clients need a customised package rather than just a standard approach.”

As a member of the Tax Faculty of Scotland, Rosalind is in regular touch with some of the country’s leading tax experts.

She said: “It is important to take tax rules seriously and to meet the deadlines for the payment of tax.

“On the other hand, no one wants to pay more tax than they have to.

“I am happy for potential clients to approach us for advice before they make any major decisions.

“This allows us to prepare an approach and checklist to help assemble all the relevant information – and to look at business efficiency in general at the same time.

Time is of the essence maintains Rosalind – but so is forward planning.

This is particularly true when working with family businesses who have to deal with the issue of passing on control down the generations.

Rosalind said: “I like to think of these situations  as a relay race, in which the baton has to be passed over smoothly – while still running flat out.

“Handing over control of a family firm has to be carried out with the minimum of disruption – preferably none at all – with no slowing up of generating revenue or failure to keep the customers satisfied.”

Rosalind is continuing to explore opportunities to expand her client base, particularly in the manufacturing and commercial sectors.

She said: “Our clients’ lines of work may vary but our aim is consistent – to help them secure and consolidate existing business and to enjoy positive growth.”


RA Woolard CA CL QP Jan 2014