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Cochran Dickie and the Vine Trust – Selling Houses to Build Houses

14441565992_deb5ed12fd_kThe Vine Trust was established in 1985 in response to the famine in Ethiopia. It was set up by churches in Bo’ness, Falkirk, who felt compelled to do something. A small gift shop was born with the ethos that everyone can do something to help others.

Since then, many successful projects have been undertaken in Peru and Africa. The one supported by Cochran Dickie helps vulnerable children in the Moshi area of Tanzania.

The children being helped have become orphaned and are living on the streets as a result of their parents’ death. Most of the deaths are due to HIV/AIDS, but many are from treatable diseases such as TB and malaria.

Vine Trust helps fund the building of village homes to avoid children drifting to the city streets and a city orphanage to rescue those already there.

The maintenance and on-going running costs of the homes is being funded by local donors. The overall vision for the Vine Trust and their partners is to provide a safe home, food, education and love for the vulnerable children in the area.

They have begun with the construction of a home for 40 children, a school which educates 300 and a number of smaller homes in rural Moshi which provide a house for one ‘parent’ and a small number of children through a more ‘local community based’ project.

Cochran Dickie makes a donation to the Vine Trust for each house they sell. You can read more about the Vine Trust on their website –