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Time to Sow

Time to Sow

by Kieran Gallacher, Cardwell Garden Centre As I walked my dog this morning, I noticed that the daffodils outside are beginning to poke their stems through the soil. However, they are also tinged with frost around the stems and that sums up this time of year in […]

Preparing for the coming of Spring

 Preparing for the coming of Spring By Kieran Gallagher The weather last year was not at all gardening friendly, so I doubt I am alone in hoping for something a little more comfortable in 2016! Indeed, the weather was so bad for so much of the season […]

Sit back and enjoy something long and cool

Sit back and enjoy something long and cool Summer is when your hard work comes to fruition and you can enjoy the beauty of the greenery and flowers you’ve worked so hard to bring to maturity. But there are always jobs for the busy gardener, the least […]

The Beginning of the Gardening Year

The Beginning of the Gardening Year With the arrival of spring, the garden is beginning to stir quite seriously and if the weather is not too bad, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get down to some serious work preparing the garden for a glorious summer. To start […]

The Garden in February

February was known as ‘Filldyke’ by our ancestors. It is however one of the least wet months of winter. What it does suffer from however are a succession of dry, chilling east winds blowing from the cold wastes of Scandinavia, bringing heavy frosts and snow. It also […]

Summer – time for easy living

One of the best features of life in the West of Scotland is free. It’s the unique quality of the light in all its colour-changing, dappling intensity. Our long summer evenings are the best time to drink them in.   Treat your garden like another room in […]