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Bee Season at Ivy Cottage

Bee Season at Ivy Cottage

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 The bee is an incredible bio-indicator, a true barometer measuring the quality of our environment. While shuttling back and forth between the beehive and its natural surroundings, the bee takes stock of the health status of ecosystems by performing a biopsy of all it gathers. Plants, water, soil, air particles; everything that surrounds us is, in part, taken as a sample by the bees, which provides us with an imprint of the environment. The last twenty years have seen a decline in bee populations. This imprint is disturbing, symptomatic of the environment’s sick state, a diagnosis that reveals the repercussions and consequences this decline will have on human life and biodiversity on a planetary scale.

At Ivy Cottage Dental Practice our 2 bee colonies have been helping the gardens of Inverkip bloom with 2 active hives providing enough Bees to pollenate a 3 mile radius. The Hives are maintained and harvested by our good friend and enthusiastic bee advocate Warren Bader of Plan Bee Ltd.  Most businesses now have subscribed to the importance of social responsibility and as part of the Clyde Dental Group’s overall approach, Ivy Cottage is playing an important role.

At Ivy Cottage we pride ourselves on providing dentistry in an environment that is a bit different from your average high street dental practice. Our relaxed village cottage feel provides a welcoming and relaxing environment great for anxious patients, families and people new to the area looking for a dentist.

Feel free to come and see our bees, have a look around and get a feel for the place. We also have a fantastic team of dental nurses buzzing around reception who would be more than happy to help with any questions regarding treatments, registration or bee related enquiries!