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A Christmas Message

I’ve got some bad news and some good news… you know Rudolph, Santa’s reindeer? Well, here’s the bad news, I believe it’s only female reindeer that keep their antlers at this time of year. Rudolph is a girl!

Rev Allan Sorensen

But surely that’s what Christmas should be about? Discovering something unexpected in a very familiar story. My hope and prayer is that in amongst the tinsel and the hair-tearing, the scrum of last minute shopping, the spending way too much, we will find something new and unexpected in the story of Christmas. It may be in singing a carol, hearing a bible reading, a line in a Christmas card or the visit of a friend, who knows?
And here’s the good news , the message of Christmas is that God has come to us, in Jesus, in order for us to find Him. Take the opportunity to join with us here in Lyle Kirk as we celebrate that truth.
That’s the point of Christmas. Not reindeer, not shopping; the good news that God is with us.

Come and join us at any of the Christmas services, and who knows, as we worship together maybe we will be moved to be the surprise, to be the good news, to others – especially the poor or the lonely – this Christmas.



Rev. Alan Sorensen