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Archive for April 2016

‘X’ Marks the Spot

‘X’ marks the spot, Jo Simms   We are off to the polling stations twice this summer – once to elect a new Scottish Parliament and once to decide whether we are in or out of Europe Did you know you are represented by eight Members of […]

Duck Houses and Moat Clearance No More, by Ronnie Cowan MP

As an MP I am provided financial allowances and support to cover a variety of aspects of my role as an elected representative. There are small variations here and there but this summary will give you a good indication as to where our tax is spent regarding […]

How to avoid the ‘gap yah’ cliché this summer!  By Jodie Molneux

  You are now only wearing one pair of socks to bed and it’s no longer physically painful to go out without a coat….yes, that’s right, it’s Scottish summertime! To those of you out there still blessed with several month long summers, there are several options open […]