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What are you going to do if the money runs out?

What are you going to do if the money runs out?

Article written by Robert MacDonald of Macdonald & Co The views in this article are personal and are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as recommendation by the publisher or investment advice by the contributor as laid down by the Financial Conduct authority. […]

Boundary Changes – Ronnie Cowan MP

Boundary Changes - Ronnie Cowan MP

How are the boundary changes going to affect Inverclyde? When I was elected as the Member of Parliament for Inverclyde, I was only the 3rd person to have that title, as the current border definition was only created prior to the 2005 general election. Prior to that […]

What about an evening class? – Jo Simms

What about an evening class? - Jo Simms

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest ” – Benjamin Franklin   Wow! Where did the summer go? Anyone see where it went . . . could have sworn it was here a couple of minutes ago. All too suddenly we’re reaching for the light-switch because it […]

Pack it In ! by Jodie Molyneux

Pack it In !  by Jodie Molyneux

Essentials & Non Essentials for your big move to university! So you got a place on the university course of your dreams? Congratulations! You did it! But now, here comes the really hard bit….. packing up a lifetime of belongings, dragging them up/down the motorway and shoehorning […]

Two Greenockians of Note – Joy Monteith

Two Greenockians of Note  - Joy Monteith

  In the 1860’s Greenock was renowned for its extensive shipping business, and wide range of industries including ship building, sugar refining, textiles and potteries. At the same time the town’s rapid industrial growth had led to some appalling social conditions such as poor housing, overcrowding, poverty […]

Inverclyde Homecoming – Ronnie Cowan MP

Inverclyde Homecoming - Ronnie Cowan MP

The last few weeks of parliament before recess are extremely busy. All business must be concluded before recess or it falls. Debates get rescheduled, urgent questions become even more urgent and the day get even longer to squeeze in all the work. And there is a flat […]

Duck Houses and Moat Clearance No More, by Ronnie Cowan MP

As an MP I am provided financial allowances and support to cover a variety of aspects of my role as an elected representative. There are small variations here and there but this summary will give you a good indication as to where our tax is spent regarding […]

How to avoid the ‘gap yah’ cliché this summer!  By Jodie Molneux

  You are now only wearing one pair of socks to bed and it’s no longer physically painful to go out without a coat….yes, that’s right, it’s Scottish summertime! To those of you out there still blessed with several month long summers, there are several options open […]

How Westminster Really Works

How Westminster Really Works, by Ronnie Cowan MP Previously, I described the use and layout of the many buildings that contribute to the infrastructure of Westminster. Grand, as they are, they don’t tell the full story or even come close. In Westminster, like most places, it is […]

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